About Magic Motion

Magic Motion is a leading sex-tech company with headquarters in Shanghai, established in 2013. Additionally, we have a presence in West Covina, California, United States. We are dedicated to redefining pleasure and transforming the way we experience intimacy. Our focus lies in the development of App-controlled sex toys, Kegel trainers and pleasure products, along with accompanying software technology, all designed to bridge the Pleasure Gap on a global scale. As pioneers in the sexual technology industry, we continually push boundaries to deliver exceptional pleasure-enhancing experiences for users.

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Tel: +862164052517
E-mail: sales@magicsmotion.com

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Visit www.magicmotion.shop for orders in North America. If you cannot find a distributor in your region, please place your order here. Alternatively, you can send us an email.


2015 "O" Award Nominee in innovative product for Smart Mini Vibe

2016 RedDot Award Product Design for Flamingo

2017 Kegel Master recognized as the project of transformation in high-tech achievements by Shanghai Gov

2018 Recognized as High-Tech Enterprise by Shanghai Gov

2018 Eroexpo Award in Russia

Over one handreds patents and software copyrights in China, United States and other regions

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Magic motion warrants this product for a period of one year, after the date of original purchase, against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. If you discover a defect and notify magic motion during the warranty period, magic motion will, as its discretion, replace the product free of charge.

The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the product. It does not cover cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect. Any attempt to open or take apart the product (or its accessories) will void the warranty.

Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of the claim is within the warranty period. To validate your warranty, please keep your original purchase receipt together with these warranty conditions for the duration of the warranty period.