Whats Sense, with free iOS and Android versions, features with dynamic design style and easy-to-use APP-control methods.

Users can use the built-in preset mode control, music control, Hand-painted customized control and remote control with online chatting and other modes to experience innovative sexual lifestyle. Touch, feel and enjoy your moment with the Whats Sense app.

Self Control:Music
You can select and play your favorite music for control. The app-controlled toy will vibrate with the rhythm of the music. Enjoy your happiness in the music.
Self Control:Finger
This is a kind of fingertip magic, you can control the toy by hand-painted patterns, please use your imagination! You can also record your favorite hand-painted patterns to control.
Remote Control :Invitation
No matter how far apart, you can send the control invitation code via WhatsApp, text and other instant message(IM), Your partner can control the toy remotely while chatting in text、picture、 and voice message.