The Magic Kegel APP and MagicMotion's smart Kegel trainer is your personal trainer for pelvic floor muscle training.

The Magic Kegel APP contains introductory guidance for Kegel training, provides six training courses for different needs, records and analyzes the real-time data of your workout of the smart Kegel trainer and give out training suggestions.

Training Guidance
The Magic Kegel APP provides graphics and text training guidance to help you find the position of your pelvic floor muscles and use your strength to train correctly.
Training program
There are six built-in workouts in the Magic Kegel APP, The APP works with Magic Motion Smart Kegel trainer to improve the strength of your pelvic floor muscle.
Statistics & Analysis
After you master the training method, the Magic Kegel APP will record your real-time training data, score it, and provide suggestions. Enjoy Kegel training today.